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Creating stunning indoor and outdoor living spaces on your property is a lot about making sure that you have the right design and plans, choosing a skilled builder or landscape installer for the job and making sure that you pick the right type of materials. When it comes to masonry construction, many contractors recommend the use of bricks.

When you want your landscaping or home structure to be strong, resilient and long-lasting, you need to use high-grade materials in the work and companies such as BellStone Masonry Supply can provide you the brick materials and masonry you need for your project in Aledo, Weatherford, Willow Park, and Benbrook. They also cater to customers in and around Fort Worth, Arlington and Haslet’ and customers from Mansfield, Southlake also Burleson also source brick supplies from this company.


You will find that credible suppliers have a wide variety of bricks that you can choose from. These bricks van be used in a range of projects such as:

  • House construction
  • Building construction
  • Brick retaining walls
  • Boundary walls
  • Walls of outdoor kitchens, pool houses and more
  • Walls for planters
  • For demarcating areas in the garden and yard spaces
  • As garden edging
  • Building columns in landscapes
  • Other


The only way to ensure you are getting high quality products is to source them from credible and well-established brick suppliers. These companies will provide you all the information you need about the different types of bricks available, which include:

  • Binsa American Antique
  • Binsa Burgundy
  • Binsa Country Club
  • Binsa Winter Oaks
  • Binsa Woodland
  • Alamo Heights Brick
  • Alamo Heights Brick
  • Alexandria Brick
  • Briarwood Brick
  • Brown Stone Brick
  • Brownfield Brick
  • Chattanooga Brick Light Brown Mortar
  • Old Smokey Brick
  • Old Country Brick
  • Santa Fe Trail Brick
  • Vernon Brick


Today, there are a number of new materials in the market and some homeowners wonder whether they should choose those instead. But the fact is that there are also a number of advantages to using brick for all your construction work such as:

  • Bricks are extremely durable and a great option for indoor as well as outdoor settings; they don’t deteriorate as quickly as many other materials do
  • They are more resistant to cracks compared to most other building materials
  • They are clean & 100% natural materials that don’t impact the environment. Since their manufacturing process involves firing them at high temperatures, the organic materials in them get eradicated.
  • Bricks become a very cost-effective option in the long term
  • Even when they are used without any surface finishing, they are easy to clean and maintain
  • Brick is quite a heavy material that offers excellent noise absorption between individual rooms. This also means, they provide good insulation to noise coming in from the outdoors.

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces requires the creativity of landscape designers; but the longevity of features in the outdoor spaces of your property depend on the quality of brick tiles and masonry supplies used and companies like BellStone Masonry Supply are proven specialists in this field.


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