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When you are building your house or getting any features added to your landscaping, you are sure to need various building supplies. Just as you research and choose your builder or landscaper with care, so also it’s important that you choose all the construction supplies very carefully.

The quality of the materials used in the landscaping or building project, will to a large extent determine how resilient and long-lasting the structure will be. It’s important to use high-grade materials in the work and companies such as BellStone Masonry Supply can provide you the building supplies you need for your project in Aledo, Weatherford, Willow Park, and Benbrook.

They also cater to customers in and around Fort Worth, Arlington and Haslet’ and customers from Mansfield, Southlake also Burleson also source masonry supplies from this company. Some of the commonly used supplies in these projects are:


Mortar is commonly used in building construction and landscaping projects and it’s an essential component of most structures. Today, this material is also available in a variety of colors and shades that complement the look of veneers, paving, bricks as well as natural stone installations. This allows you to create unique features and improves the overall quality of your project as well. Today, the design options are endless and you don’t have to be stuck with using old grey-looking walls or decorative features.


Bricks are also used in various landscaping and construction projects and are the best material for building walls, retaining walls, houses and any other indoor or outdoor feature on your property. You can choose from bricks of different colors and shades to match the look of the other elements in the landscaping or in the interior areas of your home. Bricks also provide a good level of insulation from the outdoor temperature and a certain amount of acoustic insulation as well.


Natural stones are available in block, paver, tile and veneer stone form and can be used in various features of your home and yard or garden areas. You can choose from a variety of stones such as travertine, slate, flagstone, sandstone, bluestone etc. These stones can be used in building walls, decorative features, paving for driveways, pathways etc. as well as for water features and more.

Natural stone tends to be more expensive than concrete or brick and if you want a more economical feature- you can choose to get concrete walls built and then clad them with veneer. This gives the feature the appearance of stone but at a much lower cost.

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces requires the creativity of landscape designers; but the longevity of features in the outdoor spaces of your property depend on the quality of construction materials used and companies like BellStone Masonry Supply are proven specialists in this field.


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