BBQ Grills

BBQ Grills

A wide range of BBQ Grills.
1200 Black Label Pellet Grill w/ Wifi - BellStone
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30" Built-In Charcoal - BellStone
Regular price $2,479.00
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31″ Drop-In Charcoal - BellStone
Regular price $766.24
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36" Hestan Legacy Grill - BellStone
Regular price $7,289.00
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42" Hestan Legacy Grill - BellStone
Regular price $8,459.00
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50″ Coyote Hybrid Grill - BellStone
Regular price $4,649.00
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Coyote Portable Grill - BellStone
Regular price $599.00
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FireMagic Black Diamond - BellStone
Regular price $6,336.00
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FireMagic Echelon E790i - BellStone
Regular price $5,469.75
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Lift-A-Fire Built-In Charcoal - BellStone
Regular price $967.00
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Louisiana Estate 860BI (Pellet) - BellStone
Regular price $2,299.99
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Louisiana Grills ™   1100 - BellStone
Regular price $799.00
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Primo Ceramic Grill - BellStone
Regular price $1,449.00
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Primo Oval Gas 420 - BellStone
Regular price $3,149.99
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Coyote Built-In 30" Flat Top Grill - BellStone
Regular price $2,099.00
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Coyote Flat Top Grill Cart - BellStone
Regular price $999.00
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When you visit BellStone Masonry Supply in person or online you will notice that we carry more than just Stone, Brick, and Landscape materials; we also carry several other product lines that enhance the buying experience of our customers. In 2015, we realized the need and demand to offer a line of Built-in BBQ Grills. I mean why not? Customers were coming in to select stone for their Outdoor kitchen and Cabanas. Our location is ideal for convenience to our customers. We wanted to focus on Built-in Grills that complimented Outdoor Kitchens. At that time, we connected with Beefeater BBQ Grills and launched their complete line of Australian BBQ Grills. The rest was history. In 2019, BellStone went through a major expansion expanding our Retail Showroom and online presence. We added high-end Brands such as American Muscle Grills, AOG, Louisiana Pellet Grills, Coyote Grills, Le Griddle, and more. BellStone added a complete E-commerce site and connected to Amazon. We realized the need to be more than competitive with online Price matching. For our local customers, not only could they be assured they were paying the best price, but they also had the comfort of a local Warranty.


All our Grills are high-end compared to those seen in Home Depot, Lowes, and BBQ Galore. We have focused on Built-In Grills, but most have the option of adding a Cart to their Grill.

  • Pellet Grills
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Gas Grills
  • Propane Grills
  • Griddles
  • Ceramic Grills
  • Wood Burning Grills



BBQ Grills

Beefeater BBQ is an Australian founded company that has incorporated the Aussie Style of BBQing into their Grill Designs. Most of their Grill lids can be removed in seconds converting to an open grill that is popular in Australia. Most of their Grills have 18,000 BTU burners which provide the extra heat needed for Opening Grilling. They also include a griddle plate that can be used for Fajitas, Eggs, Bacon, or Burgers.

Beefeater also provides various levels of Grills. Some models have the Cast Iron Package with Pressed Stainless Burners, and others have the Stainless Steel Package with Cast Stainless Burners. Some select units come with a Black Enamel Coating.

BBQ Grills
  • BS31560 Signature SL4000, 5 Burner
  • BS31550 Signature SL4000, 4 Burner
  • BS12850S Signature 3000SS, 5 Burner
  • BS12840S Signature 3000SS, 4 Burner
  • BS12350 Signature 3000S, 5 Burner
  • BS12340 Signature 3000S, 4 Burner
  • BS12850 Signature 3000S, 5 Burner
  • BS12840 Signature 3000S, 4 Burner
  • BS19952 Signature 3000E, 5 Burner
  • BS19942 Signature 3000E, 4 Burner


AMG is not your daddy’s Grill. Built with a Muscle Car theme, these bad boys Burn It All: Charcoal, lump charcoal, wood chunks, natural gas, liquid propane, wood logs…

BBQ Grills BBQ Grills
  • AMG 36” Grill
  • AMG 54” Grill


BBQ Grills

American Outdoor Grills bring elegance to your outdoor kitchen, transforming the backyard barbecue into a fine dining experience. The rounded hood, contoured face and smooth satin finish create a sleek stylish appearance, while the large cooking surface and precise thermometer allow safe and easy meal preparations. AOG grills are constructed from the highest grade commercial stainless steel with long-lasting solid brass valves, making it possible for you to share the pleasures of open-air cooking with friends and family for decades to come.


Designed and manufactured by the company that brings you Fire Magic® Premium Grills, AOG® grills add style and cooking excellence to your outdoor kitchen.

Whether Built-In or Portable, you’ll be delighted with the performance, longevity, and appearance of your American Outdoor Grill®

BBQ Grills BBQ Grills BBQ Grills BBQ Grills BBQ Grills BBQ Grills BBQ Grills BBQ Grills BBQ Grills
  • Model 24NBL
  • Model 30NBL
  • Model 36NBL
BBQ Grills


  • Grill, roast, and smoke your favorite foods with ease the luxury Estate Series 300-watt auto igniter, one-touch auto start button, proprietary exhaust system, and Digital Control Center oven board.
  • Perfect for any family, this grill features 860 square inches of two-tiered, cast-iron cooking surface, a stainless-steel body, front drawers, and cabinet doors to ensure superior heat retention.
  • The built-in unit is designed to offer the superior advantage of wood pellet grilling fueled by all-natural hardwood BBQ pellets with cooking temperatures ranging from 180 to 600-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Conveniently measures the internal temperature of foods such as steak, roast, or chicken while they cook with the full-function programmable meat probe included with the grill.
  • Clean your grill with simple maintenance steps include cleaning off the burn grate, vacuuming out the burn pot, cleaning out the cooking barrel and grease bucket and cleaning off the grids.

Louisiana Grills Estate Series 860BI


French Cooking. Le Griddle is the perfect premium product to complete your outdoor kitchen. Unique in the world with its patented Dual Plate System & Lifetime warranty, Le Griddle is the greatest innovation in outdoor grilling since the invention of the BBQ. Using technology from the aircraft industry, the combination of stainless steel 304 and cast iron prevents discoloration, good as new after each clean, the only efficient solution for a perfect grilling experience. Le Griddle ensures excellence & high performance for all your outdoor cooking needs.

  • 1 Burner
  • 2 Burner
  • 3 Burner
BBQ Grills


Evo America manufactures a round grill like the hibachi grills you see at your favorite restaurant. They have Indoor and Outdoor units.

BBQ Grills
  • Affinity 30G
    Model 10-0055
  • Affinity 25G
    Model 10-0095
  • Professional Wheeled Cart
    Model 10-0002
  • Professional Tabletop
    Model 10-0021
  • Affinity 25E
    Model 10-0061-EL
  • Affinity 30Gp
    Model 10-0075
BBQ Grills


BBQ Grills


Fire Magic Grills are made by people who demand the best, for people who demand the best. Each and every Fire Magic product is made with passion and care by highly skilled craftsmen. Outdoor grilling equipment is all we’ve ever made.

Our grills are constructed of the highest quality, heavy gauge, and appliance grade stainless steel. With unsurpassed attention to the most precise detail in design and construction, Fire Magic Grills are the most elegant, and the most durable barbecues available. They easily perform at the highest temperatures for the longest time of any outdoor barbecue grill. Unmatched performance and cooking versatility are yours when you own a Fire Magic Grill. Fire Magic’s superior technology and construction have set the standard for more than 75 years, and that’s still true today.

BBQ Grills
  • Echelon
  • Aurora
  • Black Diamond
BBQ Grills


Quality You Can Afford

Premium BBQ at an Unbeatable Price

BBQ Grills

Quality you can afford. The latest addition to the Summerset line, the Sizzler Series is a premium product at an unbeatable price. Constructed in all #443 stainless steel* and designed with careful precision to ensure optimal airflow and even heating, this grill gives its higher-priced competitors a run for their money in both durability and grilling performance.

  • Sizzler 26” Built-in Grill
  • Sizzler 32” Built-in Grill
  • Sizzler 40” Built-in Grill
  • Sizzler Pro 32” Built-in Grill
  • Sizzler Pro 40” Built-in Grill
  • TRL 32” Built-in Grill
  • TRL 38” Built-in Grill
  • TRL 44” Built-in Grill


BBQ Grills

The best day to cook outdoors is today.

At Coyote Outdoor Living, we believe you’re at your best – preparing food with your family, celebrating, entertaining, or just relaxing – in the great outdoors. The grill we build allows you to heat it, cool it, and store it right where you want to be. So go ahead, fire it up outdoors, cool it down outdoors, and live it up outdoors with Coyote Outdoor Living.

Gas Grills

BBQ Grills
BBQ Grills BBQ Grills