FireRock Conventional Kits

FireRock Conventional Kits

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Bring the warmth and traditional style of the FireRock Conventional Fireplace - to your home. This prefab, modular system fits together to create an all-masonry fireplace that can withstand pressure up to 3,000 PSI. Complete with our patented 1-piece chimney system, FireRock provides a superior masonry fireplace solution that is easy to install, high performing, safe and affordable.

From foundation to framing, the FireRock Conventional Fireplace has been designed for efficiency and performance. This fireplace system does require a chimney. You can choose from a masonry chimney or a DuraChimney System. The entire firebox can be completed in a matter of hours, as opposed to a 1-2 week scratch-built project. The masonry flue system from FireRock is a 1-piece system with a 15” inner diameter, improving smoke draw and making construction easy.

*Minimum Height is 15', Maximum Height is 65' to draw properly (Total Height includes the firebox+chimney).  Chimney must be 3' above the ridge of the roof. Other factors maybe considered.

What's the difference between a Conventional and a California Conventional? A California Conventional has a Vertical rear wall vs a slanted wall that the Conventional kit has.

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Double Wall Metal Chimney Pipe Instructions