Lehigh Grey Cement Type S

Lehigh Grey Cement Type S

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Lehigh Grey Masonry Cement Type S


Masonry cement Types N, S and M are covered by ASTM C91, Standard Specification for Masonry Cements.

Mortar cement is covered by ASTM C1329, Standard Specification for Mortar Cement.

Mortar must conform to ASTM C270, Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry.

Masonry cement consists of portland or blended cement, plasticizers, and an air entraining agent. Air-entraining agents protect mortar from freeze-thaw damage and provide additional workability. The specific components of masonry cement may vary depending on the manufacturer and local construction practices. ASTM C91 defines masonry cement by physical requirements and performance properties rather than ingredients.

40 Bags Per Pallet.

Coverage for a wall on a structure is 20 sf per bag

6 bags of Masonry to 1 yd of Sand.

Ratio is 1:4 or 1:3