Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living, Outdoor Heaters, Bromic, Fire Glass, etc.


Outdoor Living

We at BellStone describe Outdoor Living as a Lifestyle for Family and Friends to have some of the pleasures inside-outside in Nature’s settings. All could include a Cabana with an Outdoor Kitchen, Swimming Pool, Fire Pit, Fireplace, Bromic Patio Heaters, Patio Furniture, Athena Fire Ring Burners with FireGlass. Or it could be as simple as a Path outdoors. Whatever you define as “Outdoor Living” we can help.


Bromic Heating is unique in being the only company to design, engineer and manufacture gas, electric and portable outdoor heating products. Making our heating solutions even more special is the fact that across the Smart-Heat™ range, our outdoor heaters offer superior heating performance which others simply can’t match. And that’s no idle boast – it is pure fact.

Outdoor Living



Outdoor Living

Since our inception in 2007, Bromic Heating has been recognized worldwide for having revolutionized commercial and residential heating solutions.

Through continuous investment in our patented Smart-Heat™ technology, Bromic’s engineers have successfully developed and delivered highly effective radiant heating solutions with applications in commercial and residential markets alike. Designed to meet a wide array of real-world challenges such as weather, environment and efficiency, the Smart-Heat™ range has literally become the hottest thing in smart outdoor heating solutions.

Available in our distinctive Platinum Smart-Heat™ and Tungsten Smart-Heat™ ranges, every Bromic outdoor heater is designed and engineered in-house to ensure absolute quality and durable performance, then constructed from premium materials to deliver outdoor heating products that provide the perfect balance of performance, reliability and beauty.

Highly successful across key international markets, Bromic outdoor heaters are the first choice of many of the world’s premier hotel, resort, restaurant and entertainment groups.

Acknowledged as an industry innovator, Bromic Heating is an ISO9001 certified company with products sold and supported throughout North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

Firmly founded on the guiding principles of Performance, Reliability and Beauty, Bromic outdoor heaters continue to set the standard against which all others are measured.



Man’s fascination with goes back as far back as man has been around. In the 21st century that has meant Fire Pits, Fire Tables, Fire Glass, Fire Burners, or whatever you can wrap your imagination and a flame around.

We carry Fire Brick and the supplies and that can be found on the Fireplace & Accessories page above, but this page is dedicated to Flames with Gas. If you don’t see what you are looking for don’t hesitate to ask.

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Add a touch of color, style and texture to your fire feature with Athena’s high grade, reflective fireglass. The mirrored finish and radiant heat of our ½” glass will surely astonish any guest gathered around your feature.

Outdoor Living Outdoor Living

Our premium fireglass is available in 6 vivid colors to fit your style, capture light, and radiate beauty that rivals Pandora, herself. Because we use only the highest quality tempered glass, it won’t melt or produce harmful fumes and soot. Also, great for concealment, the reflective nature of our glass looks stunning even without a flame. Available in 10lb quantities to ensure the proper increments to adequately fill any fire feature.


Outdoor Living

Fire pits are the perfect way to congregate with friends and enjoy the enchantment of a dancing flame. In order to provide this experience to your guests, you must provide high quality, precision machined materials. Our fire pit rings are made of the highest grade 304 stainless-steel and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to easily fit any design requirement. With one of the largest diameter rings available on the market, Athena’s fire pit rings will provide the large, quality flame you need to impress your guests. Combined with our ½” reflective fire glass, our fire rings will provide the ultimate out of this world experience.


Outdoor Living

Our drop-in pan burners are molded and machined with extreme precision from high-grade quality 16-gauge 304 stainless steel (19-gauge burner) holding up to the strongest of outdoor elements. Using our drop-in pans will reduce the amount of glass and filler needed to fill a fire pit and gives the effect that the firepit is entirely full of fireglass. By creating a raised bottom, our burner pans will help finish any fire feature with ease. We offer various shapes and sizes to easily fit various design requirements.


Outdoor Living

The Olympus Fire-Table collection is constructed from GFRC (Glass Fiver Reinforced Concreted) with color dyed through in through & molded off our proprietary designs. Our fire-tables are designed to complete your outdoor entertaining experience featuring angled side, over 10” of tabletop space for plates & beverage glasses and ambiance flame effect for adding to the mood or taking the chill off a cool night. The rectangular table features a 36” linear drop-in burner & the Square and Round feature a 19” drop-in pan with 12” burner. All tables are available in Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, match lit or Hot Surface Electronic Ignition & 5 stunning unique colors. For the media add one of seven unique ½”. Reflective glass colors, Lave Rock, Tumbled Lava Stones, Arizona Weathered Oak or Western Driftwood fire pit logs.


Outdoor Living Outdoor Living

The products produced by Grand Canyon Gas Logs craftsmen are truly one of a kind. The log process starts with scavenger hunts through the woods searching for that perfect set of logs. Once the perfect logs are discovered the logs are then trimmed to size where our craftsmen begin the casting process. Individual molds are made for each one of the logs and then the raw cast logs are then passed along to our craftsman where the real magic happens. Each log is hand-painted to perfection therefore no two logs will ever be identically alike. The story doesn’t end there as you can read, within each one of our log’s collections; each of the collections has a unique story of how the logs came to existence. Lastly, a great aspect of Grand Canyon Gas Log’s is that all of our logs and burners are 100% made in America. Our U.S made products give our customers the satisfaction that they are buying from a home-grown American company.


Outdoor Living

Grand Canyon Gas Logs Contemporary Cannon Ball series features authentic civil war time period casted Cannon Balls in size 2”, 4” & 6”. These replica sizes can be installed indoors or outdoor for endless viewing pleasure.

These can be paired with the Grand Canyon Gas Logs glass burner or H burner then nestled in a bed of lava granules or crushed reflective glass. Stacking choices are as unique as each piece of history when choosing to stack in a uniform pattern or use all three sizes to create a random unique style.

For a contemporary fireplace or a linear fire-pit Grand Canyon Gas Logs Cannon Balls are a great accessory option. Available in Black, Dark Gray & Tan/Beige.

Outdoor Living