Pool Coping & Countertops

Pool Coping & Countertops

Pool Coping and Countertops

At BellStone Masonry Supply we specialize in products that enhance the outdoor living element. This includes all types of Swimming Pool Coping and Outdoor kitchen Countertops.

Pool Coping- Swimming Pool coping is the inside edge of the pool that sits above the tile. It is meant to be a visible divide between the decking and the water’s edge as well as a visual enhancement. There are several types of stone that can be used for Pool Coping including Limestone, Sandstone, Quartz, and Travertine. Each having their own pros and cons.

Countertops-- Stone is popular for Outdoor Kitchen Countertops mainly because of the natural beauty of real stone. We carry several different types of stone. Each of which have different textures, dimensions, and wear.