Granbury Cream Big Block Limestone Thin Veneer

Granbury Cream Big Block Limestone Thin Veneer

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BellStone Thin Veneer is REAL Stone cut for Lightweight applications.  We take a full dimensional stone and cut 1.25" off the face.  We even cut Corner pieces.

Real Stone vs Faux Stone (Fake, Painted Concrete)

  • Faux Stone is painted.  It fades!  A KID with a Crayon is your worst enemy.
  • Faux Stone is made of Concrete so you can't show the exposed concrete and makes installation look unnatural.
  • Same approximate Weight.
  • Price is many cases with Real Stone is Less than Faux Stone.
  • Real Stone Corners pieces aren't always needed because it's stone through out the cut.


  • Shower Walls
  • Over Brick Walls
  • Over CMU (Cinder) Block
  • 2nd Story
  • Interior Walls
  • Dormers
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Back-splashes