BBQ Grills

In 2015, we added our 1st line of BBQ Grills to our product portfolio. Just like most guys, the interest of BBQ Grills was an addiction. Not only the variety of BBQ Grilling methods, there was the aesthetic of an outdoor kitchen. We realized that we should pursue a line of BBQ Grills to complement our various masonry products. Beefeater was our first brand to carry. Made in Australia, Beefeater BBQ Grills had the right Style, Function, and Pricing to promote to our customer base. In 2019, we expanded our showroom which includes a full line of BBQ Grills. Brands like AOG, AMG, Summerset, Coyote, Primo, Louisiana, Sizzler, and Le Griddle. Focusing on Up Scale Built-in BBQ Grills and promoting our BBQ Grills on Amazon.