There is no doubt that a fireplace is a centerpiece of any American home and has been for centuries. A fireplace creates an ambiance and of course provides its function by adding heat and warmth to any home or outdoor living space. Here at BellStone Masonry Supply we carry various types of fireplace building supplies and accessories. Masonry fireplaces are our specialty.

We believe that you cannot go past a fireplace that is made using real fire bricks, but we have a range of other options to suit all your needs. We serve the greater region of Weatherford, TX, and surrounds, so give us a call today if you are interested in a new fireplace for your home!


Here at BellStone Masonry Supply we stock the FireRock range of fireplace kits. FireRock manufactures premium prefabricated masonry fireplace systems available on the market nowadays. The great benefit of using a fireplace kit is that it will generally cost you 50% less than having a fireplace constructed on your site from scratch. FireRock fireplace kits produce a fireplace that has optimum heat reflection, is safe and strong, has superior performance, easy to install and is 100% American made. We supply the following fireplace kits from the FireRock range of products:

  • FireRock Arched Outdoor Kits
  • FireRock Conventional Kits
  • FireRock Rumford Kits
  • FireRock See-Thru Kits
  • FireRock Oversized Conventional Kits


fireplace mantel was invented back in Medieval times and served as a hood over the fire gate to catch the smoke before entering the room and diverting it back to the chimney. Nowadays the term also includes the decorative framework that sits around a fireplace. Fireplace mantels can be simple pieces or very elaborate ornate designs that can go all the way to the ceiling. The mantel is the finishing piece of any fireplace and we can help you source the perfect type of mantel for your new fireplace including:

  • Live Edge Mt Cedar Mantle
  • Live Edge Oak Mantle
  • Live Edge Pecan Mantle
  • Live Edge Mesquite Mantle
  • And much more….


We have a large inventory of fireplace accessories to help complete your new fireplace and make it much more functional in your home. Our range of fireplace accessories includes:

  • Fire brick
  • Chimney flue tile
  • Chimney caps
  • Cast iron damper
  • Ash dumps
  • Iron log holders
  • Fireplace screens
  • Fire Toolsets
  • Log grates
  • Cannon balls
  • And much more….

Don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable and friendly team at BellStone Masonry Supply on 817-441-9590 today and we will help you with all of your fireplace product and accessory needs!