Athena Fire Pit Rings

Athena Fire Pit Rings

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Athena Stainless Steel Fire Rings – Fire pits are the perfect way to congregate with friends and enjoy the enchantment of a dancing flame. In order to provide this experience to your guests, you must provide high quality, precision machined materials. Our fire pit rings are made of the highest grade 304 stainless-steel and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to easily fit any design requirement. With one of the largest diameter rings available on the market, Athena’s fire pit rings will provide the large, quality flame you need to impress your guests.

6"- 48K BTU's

12"- 92K BTU's

18"- 147K BTU's

24"- 296K BTU's

30"- 435K BTU's

36"- 443K BTU's

48"- 593K BTU's

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