Athena H-Burners

Athena H-Burners

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Looking for the perfect natural looking flame effect on your natural gas or propane outdoor fire feature? Our stainless-steel H and T Burners will give off the effect of a consistent, dancing flame, captivating your guests. Because we have chosen the highest quality 19-gauge 304 stainless steel for our products, you can rest assure they will hold up against the extreme heat and outdoor elements. Also, the holes have been drilled rather than pressed, to ensure proper flow and eliminate unnecessary noise. Combined with our ½” reflective fire glass, our burners will provide the ultimate out of this world experience.

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12"- 48K BTU's

18"- 60K BTU's

24"- 90K BTU's

30"- 115K BTU's

36"- 150K BTU's

48"- 175K BTU's

60"- 200K BTU's

72"- 220K BTU's


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