Comand Topdress 1/4 Fine Compost

Comand Topdress 1/4 Fine Compost

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COMAND® provides a natural, cost effective way of maintaining quality playing surfaces, while creating wear tolerant and attractive turfgrass.


COMAND is a one-of-a-kind specialty soil amendment produced with precise proprietary blends of enzyme-producing microbes, some unique composting methodology, and inventive techniques of maximizing beneficial microorganisms in the finished product. COMAND is truly a bio-engineered, yet completely natural product.

COMAND can be utilized straight, to amend and improve existing soils, or alternatively, can be custom blended with varying amounts of high quality sand to create topdressings and rootzone mixes.

What Makes COMAND So Unique?

Through many years of research, Harvest Quest developed an inoculum, which accelerates and uniquely enhances the natural biological process of composting. The use of the inoculum reverses the physics of composting, with initial temperatures being generated on the outside of the piles and the heat front moving inwards. This unique phenomenon allows microbes to increase optimally and results in the creation of very mature and biologically diverse compost. Furthermore, a focus on the natural disease suppression capabilities has been enhanced through carefully controlled curing procedures and re-inoculation with mesophilic (ambient temperature) microbiology known to suppress nematodes and root and crown root diseases.

COMAND is screened to a very fine consistency, which removes woody particles, making it suitable for applying to even the most closely mown turf.

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