Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

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Add any Grill or accessories to the mix.

Our line of BBQ Cabinets are custom built in house.  We use galvanized Metal Studs and Masonry board Finish.  They are light weight and spacious.  Can be finished out with Brick, Stucco, Full Dimensional Stone, or Thin Stone.  

Many times, an Outdoor Kitchen is constructed solely by a Mason, the openings and spacing for the components are not Precise and cause issues.  Since our Cabinets are prefabricated this is not an issue.

*After placing your order, a Rep will contact you about a Layout for your accessories, grill location, and other details.

*Shipping on the Cabinets are limited to Local Deliveries (25 mile radius).  For shipping rates beyond 25 miles, please contact us directly.

*Price does not include accessories such as Grill, Door, Frig as shown.