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Western Driftwood

Grand Canyon Gas Logs Introduces its Western Driftwood log set. Aptly named, this beautiful set of timber was conceived with one of the world’s seven natural wonders in mind – The Grand Canyon.

This most recent addition to the company’s expansive line of hand-crafted gas logs resembles the natural terrain of the Grand Canyon along the sun baked banks of the Colorado River.

Backpacked out, log-by-log, this hunting expedition took our seasoned team of log hunters on a journey searching the river banks, mile by mile. The Western Driftwood log set is the most realistic by far, manufactured by Grand Canyon Gas Logs craftsmen.

Scorching summers and cool wet winters served as inspiration behind such detail. It features a washed-out, sun-bleached exterior against rich gray tones and bright white elements creating the backdrop for deep, crackling, splitting in-the-woods bark.

Flash floods in the Canyon and mud-filled winters have stained the heart wood, rendering subterranean earthy tones. This rich combination of colors and texture give the Western Driftwood log set detail that is second-to-none. We recommend the Western Driftwood log set as perfect option for any transitional design. Pair the Western Driftwood with a linear burner on a bed of glass for a modern yet classic look.

Like all logs manufactured by Grand Canyon Gas Logs our logs are individually cast and then hand painted to perfection by our artists creating the most realistic looking logs on the market. Grand Canyon Gas Logs are found in America and made in America.

Western Driftwood log Sets are available for both our ANSI certified 2 and 3 burner systems.

Available in sizes 18, 21, 24, 30, 36, and 42 both front view, see-through and linear there is sure to be a size that fits your residential or commercial needs.

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