About Us

"All my father knew was hard work but whatever he did he was going to finish. When I started college, I wanted to help my dad out; during my lunch breaks I would email various builders, architects, nurseries, and stone yards to try and generate some unconventional sales. More of a shot in the dark and a rabbit chase but enough interest was created that it sparked my desire to be involved in the Family Business. Such a primitive Business idea, selling rocks, but that's what made it great. I attended Weatherford College for my first 2 years then went on to finish my degree in Entre. Mgmt. at TCU. I had taken notice of the building boom in Parker County, who didn't! Shortly after the year 2000, New Houses were going up everywhere! My dad had a few stone customers but really was at his ceiling for expanding; he had primarily always done contract work (Septic systems, Stone Masonry, Road Construction, etc.). Sales and manage were just not his cup of Tea. My father and I are alike in so many ways but my Dad isn't the Social Animal I am. In Fact, I am more like my mom in being the center of attention so networking was natural for me. After forming relationships with several local customers, they encouraged us to open a retail location. At the age of 21, my wife and I took out a credit card loan for $10,000 and used it for leverage to make a down payment on our current Commercial property. My realtor had given up negotiations because we didn't have the capital or the credit history to get the property financed conventionally, so I called their realtor direct and negotiated a low-risk owner finance with a balloon note. They went for it! Then I had to convince a few banks that had turned me down previously, to take some aged equipment my dad had as collateral for a building loan. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't take those risks again in a million years, lol. It was one time in my life that my immaturity and ignorance worked in my favor. No doubt God had a plan for our family. It's not quite the Story of Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban but it's our story.
It has been an awesome experience that few Families experience together. You all have made our business a success and we look forward to the future of Parker County and the rest of North Texas.”
Ronald T Bell
President BellStone

At BellStone Masonry Supply , it is our goal to provide you with a wide range of products to suit your every need. Our experienced staff is available to assist you in product selection and can help you with all aspects of your construction project. Whether you are a contractor, architect or homeowner, we are delighted to assist you in every way.
We carry only the finest products and offer a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Masonry hardscaping products, landscaping materials, tools, aggregates and cement products are available, all at one location, for your convenience.
We know our customers have many choices for their landscape and construction materials needs. Our mission is to continually satisfy their highest expectations for quality, service and integrity, to earn their trust and keep them coming back. It's a mission fulfilled through years of repeat business, and a commitment we proudly renew each day when we open our doors for business.
What matters most to us is the same thing that always has: giving our customers a business advantage. When it comes to the things that matter most, our vision is clear. We're going to keep on delivering superiority in quality, productivity, operational efficiency, value and aesthetics. That way, no matter what the future brings, we'll stay more than a block ahead.
Customer service is our priority. Let us know how we can be of service to you! Visit us during our convenient store hours or call us on our customer service hotline. We will do everything we can to make your project run smoother.

We can also provide the following products and services:

  • Natural Stone
  • Pavers
  • Landscape Materials
  • Masonry
  • Pond Kits
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pavestone
  • Granite Countertops
  • Fireplace Mantels
  • Stone Products