Patio Stone

Patio Stone

Various types of Patio (Flagstone) Stone.  For patios, Pool Coping, Outdoor kitchen counter tops, walk ways, and more!  Wide selection.

Are you about to take on a Patio project and are trying to decide what type of flooring material to use? How about our beautiful range of patio stone? We have a range of natural stones that are ideal for patio applications. Natural stone has a way of adding some real elegance wherever it is applied.

Flagstone or Patio Stone

If you have used earthy and rustic- styling in the indoor design of your home, flagstone can be great material for your patio; this will complement the appearance of the indoor areas and flagstone looks great in any outdoor space too. There are several benefits to using flagstone for patios such as:

  • It has a natural, earthy look that blends in well with formal and casual-styled settings.
  • You can choose from a range of colors and create the look you want in your home.
  • These stones have a natural variation that lends the outdoor spaces a very elegant look.
  • If you have an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace or fire pit on the patio, you can use flagstone veneer to complement the appearance of the flooring as well.
  • It can be used as Stepping stones which have narrow packed joints that help create a highly-permeable surface that is perfect for patio installations.
  • It’s hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Types: Limestone vs. Sandstone


Like Veneer Stone, the Patio Stone we carry at BellStone is generally composed of Limestone and Sandstone with 90% being Sandstone. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that was formed in layers by settling sand particles millions of years ago. The natural variations in Layers generally yield your thickness of Stone. Most of these stones are split with chisels at the Quarry. Some stone will “Flake”, but this is Natural where the two pieces of stone were split apart. In some rare cases, the stone can separate but generally, this is caught through quality control. We do try to provide quality materials, but it is important to know that our Flagstone was created by Nature and some minor flaking will occur. Limestone was formed through plant and animal fossils and generally doesn’t have the same layering effect. Therefore, this stone has to be cut with a diamond saw such as in Lueders 2.25” or Austin White Slabs.

Shapes and Sizes

In addition, there are several Shapes of Flagstone or Patio Stone. Most of the Shapes of Flagstone are an irregular broken pattern. Imagine dropping a plate and seeing the pieces. Depending on the specific material, Flagstone comes in thicknesses from ½”-2 ½”. Thin material such as 1” is generally used over existing concrete porches, pool decks, or cabana flooring. 1” stone needs the extra support of the concrete below similar to tile. 1 ½” stone is used for some of the same but can be used with a masonry mix underneath for support. 2” and thicker Stone is used for Pool Coping, Countertops, and Stepping Stones due to its thicker mass.

Flagstone can also come in Slabs either Lay-down or Stand-up. Slabs are pieces that are 2’-3’ wide and 3’-5’ long. Generally used by Pool Coping installers who like the longer pieces to create a custom look.

Flagstone Flagstone

Flagstone Slabs can also be used for large stepping stones as well as Outdoor countertop materials.

There are also Pavers which are cut into square and Rectangles and create patterns.


  • Oklahoma Patio
  • Oklahoma Flagstone
  • Oklahoma Slabs
  • Lueders Slabs
  • Arkansas Cherry Blend
  • Arizona Rosa
  • Arizona Flagstone
  • Silvermist Flagstone
  • Austin Slabs
  • Pennsylvania Blue
  • Pennsylvania Full Color
  • Colorado Red Flagstone
  • Mexico White Flagstone
  • Chocolate Lueders Slabs
  • Granbury Patio
  • Stone Pavers
  • New Mexico Patio
  • California Gold Slate

We at BellStone Masonry Supply understand the importance of providing high-quality landscape and construction materials. Over the years we have provided excellent masonry hardscaping products, tools, aggregates, landscaping materials and cement to customers in and around Aledo, Fort Worth, Benbrook, and Weatherford.


Our company has a very solid customer base across Brock, Fort Worth, and Godley as well. Individual homeowners, architects, landscapers and contractors from Willow Park as well as, Cresson, and Graford source products from us as well. Patios tend to see a significant amount of wear and tear and they are largely exposed to temperature changes and outdoor climatic conditions. This makes it crucial to ensure that resilient and durable materials are used in construction work.

Our friendly staff members are ready to help you select the ideal type of patio stone to suit and complement your home or commercial building. You will be delighted with the end result. Natural stone is a very durable product and is perfect outdoor flooring material; it just gets better with age!

As a credible and reliable landscaping materials and brick supplier, we aim to cater to a wide range of requirements and offer a variety of materials. If you want more information about the materials you can source from us, feel free to call us on 817-441-9590. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us your queries about flagstone patio paver cost.