At BellStone Masonry Supply we have been providing our clients throughout greater Benbrook, TX, and the surrounding regions with premium masonry and outdoor living supplies for many years now. We specialize in a range of stone veneer products for all types of wall and hardscape feature projects.


Thin stone veneer is typically veneer stone that has been cut to a 1.25”-1.5” thickness. There are many benefits to using a thin veneer stone for your wall coverings. By applying a thin stone, you are making the installation process much simpler rather than trying to work with a larger and thicker stone product. That is why thin veneer stones are commonly used for fireplaces, chimneys and for siding. It is the ideal product for creating a beautiful decorative wall feature. Our professionals will ensure that you get the right type of thin veneer stone product for your particular application.


Natural stone veneer is made from natural quarried or fieldstones. Once these stones are collected, the face of the stone is cut making a lightweight stone. These stones have all the beauty and texture that natural stones have to offer but they are easy to install once they have been cut. There is no doubt that natural stone veneer has remained a favorite amongst property owners and contractors for its unrivaled visual appeal. If you are in the market for some natural stone veneer products for your next exterior or interior wall façade then talk to one of our friendly team members and we will ensure you get the best product for your application!


Manufactured Thin Veneer Stone, also known as faux stone thin veneer, is made of concrete with a painted exterior. It’s weight is more consistent that the Natural Stone product. Installation is generally is easier due to the consistency in Sizes and Shapes; however, with Faux Stone each cut piece has exposed concrete that must be hidden. It has the same structural features as Natural Stone and can be used for a wide range of applications including wall facades. Manufactured stone veneer is also available in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit a variety of design requirements.


Many times Natural Stone is less expensive than Manufactured Stone. There are some expectations such as with Ledge Stone where the cutting process with the Natural Stone is expensive and with harder types of stone.

For all of your masonry supplies please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at BellStone Masonry Supply on 817-441-9590 and we will help you select the ideal type of product for your project and for your budget!