Wet Look Acrylic Sealer

Wet Look Acrylic Sealer

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Wet Look Sealer

Color Enhancer

Color Enhancer is a unique blend of ultra high molecular weight acrylic polymers, specially formulated by color specialists for use on colored concrete. It creates a “wet look” finish that not only protects but also enhances the appearance of colored concrete. Color Enhancer penetrates deep into the surface of concrete to lock the pigment particles into the concrete matrix and reduces dusting, efflorescence, spalling, staining, and freeze-thaw damage. It is intended for use on interior or exterior, horizontal or vertical cementitious surfaces. It is also resistant to abrasion, ultra violet light and most common chemicals. Color Enhancer creates a clear coating that protects and enhances the color of dry shake or integrally colored surfaces.

Coverage: *(Approximate)

  • 100 sf per gallon for exposed aggregate and concrete pavers
  • 200 sf per gallon for broomed or stamped finishes
  • 300 sf per gallon for smooth troweled surfaces


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