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As a property owner you want to make sure that the outdoor areas are as well designed and installed as the indoor areas of your home. It’s why you hire the services of skilled landscapers for the job and pick features and installations that will add to the beauty and functionality of your yard and gardens. These areas are always exposed to the elements which make it vital to choose the landscaping materials with care.

When you want your landscaping to be strong, resilient and long-lasting, you need to use high-grade materials. Companies such as BellStone Masonry Supply can provide you the materials you need for your project in Aledo, Weatherford, Willow Park, and Benbrook. They also cater to customers in and around Fort Worth, Arlington and Haslet’ and customers from Mansfield, Southlake also Burleson also source landscaping supplies from this company.


They stock a very wide variety of garden hardscaping materials such as:


Most landscapers and developers use some or the other type of stone in their projects. These could be in the form of boulders, slabs, veneers or stone blocks. Whether you want a new retaining wall or are planning on installing a new patio, deck or driveway, you should consider using stone for the project and can choose from varieties such as:

  • Arizona Large
  • Aztec
  • Colorado River Rock
  • Mexican Beach Pebbles
  • Sunset Wall Blocks
  • New Mexico Cobble
  • Native River Rock 1-3
  • Native Pea Gravel
  • West Texas
  • Patio stone


Bricks are also now available in a variety of styles, colors, textures, sizes and shades. You can choose the type of materials that complement the look of your landscaping and fit in well into your budget. Choose superior quality products that would be able to withstand the elements and add to the aesthetics of your landscaping. Reputed and well-established suppliers would have a very large variety of bricks you can choose from to create the kind of ambience you want on your property.


Today, stone veneer has become an extremely popular material as it has a very unique look. Veneer is essentially thin tile-like pieces of natural stone that are used to clad indoor and outdoor walls. Constructing walls entirely of natural stone can be expensive and these walls can be quite heavy and difficult to install.

This makes it much better to build concrete retaining walls, boundary walls as well as indoor walls and then affix stone veneers on them. You can create a very old world look on your existing property or new construction with the use of these veneers. Thin stone veneers are a great material for any setting and are ideal to create statement walls in indoor and alfresco areas as well.

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces requires the creativity of landscape designers; but the longevity of features in the outdoor spaces of your property depend on the quality of landscaping materials used and companies like BellStone Masonry Supply are proven specialists in this field.



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